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Thursday, 1 October 2015

How to remove tension from our life

Presently, most of the people are busy with their work and they don’t have much time for relaxation. We have to go to office daily and after that maintain our home. Due to the tough competition, there is no time for your own. Constant hard work, stress, different kinds of family and personal problem may create tension in your life. And it’s a very dangerous disease currently.

You can’t sleep well, cant thing smoothly and even can’t talk properly if you are worried or tense. So, it’s very essential to remove your stress or worried from your mind. As we all know, once you live, you have to face lots of problems. You can’t avoid problems or tension but there is some ways through which you can make your mind calm and cool.

In this post, I am going to give you some tips through which you may feel relax or it may help you to learn “how to decrease tension from your life”.

Listen to music

It’s a best way to relax. If you are feeling tense or worried for any situation, you can take some break (like 30 minutes or 1 hour) and listen the music you love the most. It’s better to play clam or peaceful music during these situations. It has a positive effect on the body and brain. It will help to reduce blood pressure and make you feel happy. When you will listen the music always thing the happy moment you spent with your dear one. It will instantly make you feel better.


Meditation is another way to feel relax. If you will do it daily few minutes, it will make you feel relax and happy. Daily meditation makes your brain more active and it will increase inner strength.  You can search the internet to get the more idea about the meditation.

Call a friend

If you really don’t know how to remove tension, then this is the best way. If you are worried or tense for any reason and don’t feel good at all, then call your best friend now. After talking with your friend I am sure you will feel better. While call, don’t talk about the problems but share the moments you enjoyed previously with him/her. All these discussion help you to forget the present problem and for sometimes your mind become happy and you will feel tension free. It’s work especially with teenagers, students, young generations etc.

Make time for yourself

Occasionally calling a friend is not a choice. If this is the case, talking peacefully to you can be the next better thing.  You are one of the best friends of yours. Don’t think about seeming crazy—just explain yourself why you're worried, what you have to do to fulfill the duty at hand, and most prominently, that everything will be ok.

Eat proper food

A proper diets and stress level are closely related. If you eat junk food daily then it will create bad effects on your body.  Try to avoid those foods. Vegetables and fruits are always superior for your body. And if you eat daily egg or fish, then it’s creating good impact on your body. A fish includes omega-3 fatty acids and it shown to decrease the symptoms of tension.  And tuna sandwich is really good for brain. Try to eat more green vegetables rather junk food to feel relax and tension free.